Thick Film Resistors(TFR)

Thick film resistors are widely used in electrical and electronic devices. The resistors come on Ceramic / PCB / Polymer Base, either with Pins or without Pins. These have the lowest cost compared to any other technology. The resistive material is a special paste with a mixture of a Binder, a Carrier and the metal oxides to be deposited. The binder is a glassy frit and the carrier exists of organic solvent systems and plasticizers. Modern resistor pastes are based on oxides of Ruthenium, Iridium and Rhenium. Our Principals specialize in Design and Manufacturing of all kinds of Thick Film Resistors (TFRs ) : for various applications like Oil or Fuel level sensor, Accelerator pedal sensor, Throttle Positioning, EPS torque sensor, Speed control etc. Custom built TFRs are also possible.